Greetings, I'm Shilpi, and I'd like to extend a warm welcome to OBVA (Online Business VA). Our team is dedicated to assisting Amazon sellers protect & grow their Amazon Business. It's truly a pleasure to have you join us, and we are eagerly looking forward to collaborating with you on your Amazon venture!

About OBVA Inc

• OBVA Inc was founded in 2009 by Shilpi as a Virtual Assistant service.
• In 2011, the focus shifted to assisting Amazon and eCommerce sellers.
• OBVA's mission is to provide customized service packages that meet each client's needs with services from product sourcing to account health management.
• OBVA is committed to helping Amazon sellers thrive in the ever-changing world of ecommerce.

Our Core Values

Customer Focused

Continuous Learning

Fast Implementation


Growth Mindset

Clear Communication


Striving to address the following challenges faced by Amazon Sellers

- Selling on Amazon can be challenging due to constantly evolving policies and rules.
- Amazon Sellers end up hiring multiple VAs who have to be micro-managed.
- Since clients are busy, they end up becoming the bottlenecks.
- Many VA companies are too busy to focus on individual clients' growth.
- Managing complex tools required to succeed can be time-consuming and requires expertise.
- VAs just follow instructions and usually are not proactive in their approach.
- Lack of training of the VAs

Our Approach

- Option of Amazon VA Manager to manage all the tasks and projects so that progress happens even when our clients are busy.
- We think beyond the task at hand and focus on clients' Amazon Account growth.
- We work with a limited number of clients and give our best to help our clients' business grow.
- Our goal is to become a true partner in our clients' success because their success is ultimately our success.
- Regular trainings given to team members so our clients always get up to date services from us.


Our mission is to deliver a stress-free Amazon business experience by providing customized solutions that cater to the needs of Amazon sellers. As a trusted virtual partner, we approach problem-solving holistically and aim to help our clients thrive and grow their business while achieving the freedom they sought in starting their online business.


To attain our mission, we are committed to the following principles;
1. Hire team members with high core values and character that align with our team core values
2. Develop a growth mindset with a commitment to continuous learning and development
3. Work with a limited number of clients to ensure we are able to focus on each client
4. Finish all the tasks at hand and also work with a growth mindset to be offer proactive suggestions and services to our clients.

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