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Maximize Your Time and Sales with Our Amazon Business A to Z Virtual Assistant Services

Setting Up Your Amazon Store

*  Amazon seller/ vendor account  setup
*  Amazon store setup
*  Logo and brand designing
*  Storefront setup

Finding Profitable Products

* Amazon market and competitor research
* High Demand
* Low Competition
* High profitability

Assist In Sourcing Your Products

*  Private label product sourcing and manufacturing
*  Supplier relationships
*  Sampling, contracting, invoicing
*  Amazon shipments

Customer Support & Feedback Management

*  Create FAQs
*  Respond to emails on time
*  Feedback resolution
*  Refunds & Replacements

Creating & Optimizing Listings- Standard and EBC

*  Best Performing Keyword research
*  Listing optimization
*  Product image editing
*  Bulk product upload

Amazon Research Based Content Creation

* Competitor Listing Research
* Keyword Optimized Title
* 5+ bullet points
* HTML product description
* Back-end search terms
* Keyword research sheet

Amazon Account Management

* Amazon Store Routine Check
* Checking Order Processing Status
* Inventory Management
* Overall Operations

Amazon Account Health Monitoring

*  Regular Account Health Checks
*  Resolving Account Health Issues
*  Working with Amazon Account Health for the Resolution of Account Health issues

Amazon SafeT Claims & FBA Reimbursements

* Monitor Return Status using Automation
*  Open cases for SafeT claims for eligible orders
* Respond to Amazon Team's queries
* Maximizing FBM SafeT claim reimbursements

Amazon Profit & Loss Calculations

* Download reports and create dashboards for giving a true picture of your Amazon Business
*  Helping clients take data driven business decisions
* Analyze SKU performance
* Giving insights to clients on how to maximize profits and minimize losses

Amazon Listing Images

* Research for ideas to make super attractive listing images for your product
*  Writing compelling copy for product USPs/Benefits
* Designing Listing Images

Amazon Listing Videos

* Research and create video script

*  Create infographics and other slides to be used in the infographic videos

*  Create the listing video

Let us take away your Account Health Stress today!

Hello Amazon Seller, I would love to be your new Amazon Account Manager

I have been working with Amazon Sellers since the last 15 years. Me and my team help Amazon sellers grow. No matter what violations your Amazon Account gets, we can tackle them, so that you are free to focus on what matters the most, growth. 

If you feel the need of an expert who can take away your Amazon account health worries, I would love to talk to you.


We offer Account Health Monitoring Services to all our clients who avail A - Z Amazon VA services

All Amazon violations need to be addressed within 72 hours. Our expert team can take care of all the violations for you. We will keep an eye on new violations and take steps to resolve them while you can focus on growing your business. We will help you qualify for Amazon's New Account Health Assurance so that Amazon is ready to work with you on resolving the violations while the account is still active.

Amazon A - Z VA Full Time 


per month

Bucket of all services on this page
160 hours. Full Time.

Amazon A - Z VA Part Time


per month

Bucket of all services on this page
80 hours. Part Time.

Amazon Virtual Manager


160 hours per month or $20/hour for pay as you go hours.

Manage Your Amazon Business

Regularly analyze Amazon reports Of Your Business
Create and analyze dashboards that give you meaningful insights in your Amazon Business
Alert you on issues with your Account and give proactive solutions on how you can resolve the issues
Work with your Virtual Assistants on issue resolution
Give proactive suggestions and work with you on growing your stores by maximizing sales and minimizing expenses.

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OBVA virtual assistants are highly skilled and professional, and they have been helping me with my Amazon business for more than a year now.

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Jackson Wright

You have exceeded my expectations with your virtual assistant service. I no longer am busy doing stuff that doesn't make me money but used to keep me busy. Thank you!

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Amelia Turner

Shilpi helped me with listing optimization for 1 of my listings. My LQS increased from 5.8 to 8.9 in just a few days. Will definitely hire again.

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Charlotte White

I no longer have to deal with multiple parts of my business. Shilpi is a very skilled VA manager. Now I am no longer an a bottleneck for tasks that need done which earlier used to wait for my approval.

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James Rodriguez

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